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Sunday Art Walk

Just yesterday I participated in the San Marcos Art Walk for the second time.  It has been running since May of this year.  Having just moved to SoCal I visited once in July and then got information to attend as a vendor.  It is a nice Art Walk consisting of all handmade wares.  I love getting to walk around when my hubby mans the table to see what everyone is showing and to of course buy some things as well.  I love to support handmade businesses.

Yes, that is my son under the table. He wanted some shade and to play his DS.  I know my table isn’t the best set up, but it is a work in progress.  I had more art work than last time, added some more stands to display  and prop it up.  Next month it will be even better.  I carry a notebook with me to add my ideas as I sit there and think of things.  I did get a few networking opportunities that I am very excited about and will tell about later once they are set in stone.  I had a good day and can’t wait till next month.