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Some new art

I was busy this past weekend making some canvases.  Now I haven’t edited them in photoshop or anything.  They are straight from my iphone, as that is what was handy to me at the time.


I used the Scarlet Lime August mixed media kit.  It was fun to play with.  I didn’t use all of what we got, but I still love the outcome.  I know I can make something else with the leftovers.



This is a 4×12 canvas.  I used some dictionary paper for the background (you can’t see that at all) and then just made circles with paint and used india ink for outlines.  Nothing special, but I had fun with the colors and just playing.  One good thing with this canvas, it can be turned multiple ways and still look good.



This is an 8×8 canvas that I had used gelatos on the background a while ago, but then didn’t know where to go with it.  It has sat on my table for over a month now and it just came to me to put a sailboat on it.  I tend to do more “girly” canvases and it’s always a challenge to come up with something for boys.  I had some real wood paper that I had gotten years ago and knew that I would use it some day. (I have hoarding tendencies with my stuff:) )  I thought it was perfect for the boat and used some scrap fabric for the sail.  I think it turned out great, if I do say so myself.




A new canvas creation

This past weekend I had a little time to be creative.  I am trying to get a few more things done and ready for the next Art Walk and I had an idea of the colors but didn’t have a clue what I was going to do on it.  So as I was sitting there looking at the canvas and what was on my desk I thought cameras….but after cutting them out and putting them on I just didn’t like where it was going.  Then I got the idea of using my hot glue gun and some gold paint and voila…out came the birdcage…



Now the hubby wanted to know where the bird was and my reply “Not all birdcages have birds”:):)


Sunday Art Walk

Just yesterday I participated in the San Marcos Art Walk for the second time.  It has been running since May of this year.  Having just moved to SoCal I visited once in July and then got information to attend as a vendor.  It is a nice Art Walk consisting of all handmade wares.  I love getting to walk around when my hubby mans the table to see what everyone is showing and to of course buy some things as well.  I love to support handmade businesses.

Yes, that is my son under the table. He wanted some shade and to play his DS.  I know my table isn’t the best set up, but it is a work in progress.  I had more art work than last time, added some more stands to display  and prop it up.  Next month it will be even better.  I carry a notebook with me to add my ideas as I sit there and think of things.  I did get a few networking opportunities that I am very excited about and will tell about later once they are set in stone.  I had a good day and can’t wait till next month.


just keep swimming

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here is my latest canvas that I have made. just keep swimming…like dori says in finding nemo…sometimes all i feel like i do is swim and swim and swim and i am getting no where..but one day the destination will be in site and i know to stay in the path. if you like i have it listed in my etsy shop go take a look.

in other news, it’s been hot here the past few weeks in san diego. since we have only lived here a few months i am not used to the “normal” temperatures, but i am waiting for those to come around again.

eating dinner with hubby tonight since he has duty then off to the safari park tomorrow. school starts in t minus 4 days:)


The Altered Paint Brush Project

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I am participating in Donna Downey‘s Altered Paint Brush Project.


Now I just need to decide what I am going to do.  More info here.