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Sunday Art Walk

Just yesterday I participated in the San Marcos Art Walk for the second time.  It has been running since May of this year.  Having just moved to SoCal I visited once in July and then got information to attend as a vendor.  It is a nice Art Walk consisting of all handmade wares.  I love getting to walk around when my hubby mans the table to see what everyone is showing and to of course buy some things as well.  I love to support handmade businesses.

Yes, that is my son under the table. He wanted some shade and to play his DS.  I know my table isn’t the best set up, but it is a work in progress.  I had more art work than last time, added some more stands to display  and prop it up.  Next month it will be even better.  I carry a notebook with me to add my ideas as I sit there and think of things.  I did get a few networking opportunities that I am very excited about and will tell about later once they are set in stone.  I had a good day and can’t wait till next month.



Just a little painting

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I have been doing a little painting here recently and I had some canvas panels that needed to be used. I wanted to so something simple but still had some meaning. Just little reminder words that we need to look at every now and then. I had fun painting them, writing the words, and then remembering to relax, breathe, and make sure I make art that I have passion about.

These will be for sale at the San Marcos Art Walk on Sept 2nd. Then they will make an appearance in my etsy shop after that. If you are a SoCal local, stop by the Art Walk at Old Restaurant Row. Lots of vendors selling their handmade creations, good music, and a car show to boot.