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What I’m Reading

New book this week:


Just picked it up today from the library after a 3 mo. wait for it. If you have read it let me know, I want to know your thoughts.




Sorry I haven’t blogged, I just kinda put it behind me.  Tomorrow I will be back with a few posts.



Our Weekend

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Who doesn’t love a little time at the beach. I used to think people were crazy for loving the beach life so much. I still kinda do, but I love going and people watching. What better place to people watch than the beach ( and the airport if they would let me up to the gates). We went to Del Mar beach at Camp Pendleton this past weekend to see what it was like. We just moved to the area a little over a month ago and have yet to see the beaches. Back on the east coast the beach wasn’t all that great. Maybe that is why I am still wondering why people are in awe of the beach. But my tastes may have changed. Seeing the waves roll in and I mean these were real waves…not little ones that maybe come up to your shin. I would go back. I am going to try it again and see what we see at a different beach (and hopefully this time I can get a few cool looking rocks and shells).

Hello world!

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I have been saying for years I was going to start blogging.  I would think about it, and think about it, and think about it some more and wonder if anyone would ever even read the darn thing.  Well, this past week I did some more thinking (let me tell you I have thought a lot about this huh?)  I decided to start blogging for me, and if no one reads it oh, well…and if you do well that is just fabulous.  Welcome to my little blog…I hope you enjoy!!