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Going Green

Which by the way is my favorite color, but I’m sure you know that like a lot of people I am now one that is trying to go greener with our life.  I have started looking at our body products that we use on a daily basis and with some research and you tube videos there is a LOT of items that I use that contain parabens in them (and other ingredients that I will talk about later).  WOW!!  I was totally shocked.  So the first product I am going to boast about is Organix Argan Oil.

I used just a tiny drop this morning (now granted I have short hair, so if you have long hair you may need more) and ran it through my damp hair and I already noticed a difference in how my hair was acting. After blow drying it is soft, non-greasy, and shiny. I know I am going to be using it everyday as a daily staple.

As far as all the other products, well I am still getting my money out of those and once I run out I will be replacing it with something that is better for our skin. As much as I would love to throw it all out, that is just a lot of dollar bills that I will see in the trash and can’t bring myself to do it.

If you know of other great green products that I need to try, please leave them in the comments. I would love to hear what works great for you.